Don't litter, it makes the world bitter!

What it effects

Litter is a problem affecting our environment. At Fairfield Public School we notice that there

are bountiful amounts of rubbish that are strewn around the school making a Rubbish apocalypse! (literally, they're killing innocent animals!) Lots of adults are careless about litter, but they're meant to be our role models, so to motivate them, we must avert littering & start cleaning so they know that not littering is the right thing! Same goes with pre-schoolers.


We surveyed the students at FPS to find out who litters and who doesn't.

We saw that 53% of students are thoughtless about littering and 43% are alert about littering. Surprisingly this means more than half the school litters!

Land & Sea

Litter is affecting our environment on land & at sea, this issue can be averted by everyone through everyday actions. Have you ever been aware that there are billions of tonnes of rubbish in the ocean? Plastic is the most common piece of rubbish that is thrown on the ground which then goes to vandalise land & sea creatures. This killing machine is non-biodegradable which means it takes 1 thousand years or more to break down.