WiFi Hotspot!

Changes and Updates!

Changes to Wifi Hotspot

Crocker Communications came out today to do 2 things.

One was to update our settings to allow people to log on anytime between 6 am and 11 pm. Again, please be considerate of neighbors.

The other task was to fix a connectivity problem with the antenna. Our speeds were really slow. We spoke with the technician after he worked on this today and he added a new network. So, now there are 2 open networks to choose from.

You can log into either Cummington Open Wifi or Cummington Open Wifi 5G

No passwords are required.

The 5G network is significantly faster. The potential speed is 250 mbs, however when you use a portal wirelessly you will get about half of that.We saw the testing that was done today and it ranged from 60 to 100+

One other factor is the age of your device. For example if you are using a very old device you very well may not get any where close to these speeds. An old iphone 5e we tested could only get 2-3 mps- standing right beside a laptop getting 100.

Crocker will be checking back in with us, as well as reviewing the data on their end to be sure that the issues have been resolved. Thanks for your patience!

What are the Rules?

Public Safety is #1 Concern

The 2 wifi networks are called

  • Cummington Open Wifi
  • Cummington Open Wifi 5G

No password is required. These are not the Guest networks you may see.

Hours of Operations: 6am – 11pm Daily

Accessibility: Those wishing to utilize public WiFi will

  • Utilize one of three parallel spots along Main St in front of Community House


  • Enter the side driveway of the Community House
    Park in one of the designated parking spots along the east side of the building (Normally reserved handicap parking spaces) - Spaces will be conspicuously marked with paint

  • Users must remain within vehicles at all times to promote separation and social distancing in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health Guidelines

  • Users should limit time to 1 Hour of usage (If others are waiting )

  • “Walk Ups” will not be permitted

  • In the event spaces become full, those wishing to wait, should
  1. Enter church parking lot via the easternmost entrance
  2. Proceed behind church building and form line
  3. Remain in vehicle until space becomes available at Community House.

Police Department will monitor area to ensure safety, security and address any related issues