Killer Whales

How climate change has affected them

Global Warming

Not many people understand what global warming is and how it affects us. Global warming is the way it sounds...the warming of the earth. Doesn't sound too bad right? Think again, already there are big effects from global warming happening right now. Like when birds fly south before winter, some birds are starting to stay in the area longer because it isn't getting cold faster. If we do not do something fast to help, scientists say that sooner or later we will have a summer where there is not ice in the artic. Yes this may not be for a long time but almost everything scientist have predicted has came true. So we need to spread awareness about what's happening in the world.

The Killer Whales

Global Warming Affect

There are three different types of Orca whales. One of these hunts fish under ice shelfs. Now that the ice is starting to melt the whale has to move more into the ocean to get more fish. The fish population in that area has gone way down and scientist were unable to confirm wether or not the whale will be able to adapt to a new environment without fish near the ice shelfs. This could possibly result in this type of orca to become extinct. Another case on how global warming has affected the orca whales is about a group of whale that was swimming close to a dock near a town and got stuck in a ice hole that was melted. They were unable to get free but luckily the currents changed and the whales were freed.

Mary Senestraro