Let's Get Ready for War!


Expanding our Military with Diversity

General George Marshall called for women to join the military for non-combat jobs. Along with women, there was a lot of diversity within the military. Between many races, African Americans helped our military the most. There were 1 million African Americans that joined our armed forces during mobilization. Next in line was the 300,000 Mexican Americans that joined our forces too. Others such as Chinese Americans and Native Americans helped our army too. The Native Americans even helped benefit us as well because they talked in a language that the Axis Powers could not understand.


During the time of mobilization scientists were working on something very special. This group of scientists were working on something called the Manhattan Project. This was an atomic bomb that we were planning on dropping on Japan. Major General Leslie Groves directed the project. There were only a few colleges/universities that were helping work on the project, but the final place on organization was in New Mexico.