Reading College Care Home

Take a look at the changes we have made!

Do you like the way we run our Care Home?

We are under new management!!

Our care home has been transformed in to a wonderful place who welcomes everyone.

We have well trained staff who are lovely and they understand everything you might be going through. They treat everyone equal and give them the privacy they might want.

They think everyone should be treated the same but in the ways they need to be treated

DO YOU WANT TO PRAY? we will never stop you from praying, you are your own person and no one can tell you that you cant pray so will support you and respect you wishes.

We are a caring care home and take everyone's individual rights in to consideration. If you have to take medication at different times of the day then we will make a chart so we know when you have or haven't had you medication then we will ask you why haven't you had it?

Come And Visit Our Care Home

Come and visit our care home and see how its changed. You decide if it is better than before or not?

You can join in with the activities and talk to some of the staff and residents to see how they feel about the changes that have been made.

Visiting times:

MON-FRI: 9:00AM TO 6:30PM

SAT: 9:00AM TO 5:30PM

SUN: 11:00AM TO 4:00PM