Kaylie's- Poems

4 grade 2013

Shape-poem softball


Batter, Pitcher,

Runner, Player, Catcher,

Playing, 1st base, 2nd base,

3rd base, out feild,

in feild.

Pitcher pitcher look at me i am a monkey in a tree!

Shape-poem Volleyball



Player,having fun,

Playing to win it,

And in it to win it.

Bump it set it spit it like it go cyclones go.

Are name is the cyclones and you know what we got what do you got a team that is hoter then hot how hot is hot gramslam and points to ah ah we are going to beat the whoopsy out of you the whoopsy out of you!!!!!!


It is going to snow.

The snow is sitting on the branches.

I do not like the snow.


Blue birds sing a lot.

Laughing at the songs they sing.

Us like to sing too.

Eating and watching them sing.

Blue birds siing really good.

I like to lisen when they sing.

Rabits like to chase birds.

Dogs chase blue birds all around.


I once had a red mitten.

I found it had a kitten.


I once had a blue bird.

That just said it first word.


Look it can fly in the sky.

Then it came down on my eye.


There once was a frog named

Froggy he swam until he was soggy

He hopped out of the lake

to take a long break

And that was my day with Froggy.


The bird

soft, fluffy

eat, fly, sqawak

nest, tree, pond, lake,

hop, croacing, eat,slimy, and goey frog.


kaylie who is nice, kind, thoughtful, thankful.

Daughter of Jaime and Jermey B.

Lover of family and sports.

Who fears snakes and spiders.

Who needs love and food.

Giver of candy and money.

Who would like to see grandma and grandpa.

Resident of Harlan IA.



Wellness center

busy big

Exercising playing swimming

I can play sports