The American Dream

Polio Vaccine

Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine for polio. It worked and saved many peoples lives especially younger children and older people. Polio was the most feared disease s of the 1950s. Polio was the disease that partially paralyzed president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Polio has effected 58,000 American children. some relied on wheelchairs, crutches and iron lungs.

New technology changed peoples lives

In the 1950s new technology changed peoples lives forever. It made their lives easier. The new technology included a washing machine and a clothes dryer. There was also dishwashers and power lawn mowers. This allowed people to have more leisure time and activities. Washers and Dryers made much more easier and faster to was and dry clothes. A dishwasher would make it easier because you wouldn't have to hand wash dishes. For the Lawn mowers you wouldn't have to use a push mower. It takes less time to mow the lawn now.

Pictures of New technology of the 1950s

What: New technology made life easier.

Time Period: 1950s

location: In America

Cause: The cause of new technology made lifes easier to clean and to get work done and have extra free time to do things they enjoy doing.

Reason: The reason for new technology is to make people's lives better and to do something other than working and cleaning.

Result: The result of the new technology was good. People bought the new technology and soon everyone had the new technology to make lives easier and safer with new vaccines.

Significance: The significance to technology is that it would help people in the future to new technology for a helpful and easier life of chores and work.

To Whom: This effects everyone in the U.S and around the world.