Later Start time for School

Should it be later? By: Sidney L.

These are reasons why school should start later.

1. With more sleep kids will be able to remember things better

  • Kids might not fall asleep in class as much
  • Parents will not have to yell at kids to wake up every morning
  • Teachers will not have to yell at kids because they forgot their homework
  • Kids may not be late for class because of over-sleeping
  • Students might have more time to get ready in the morning
2.With more sleep, kids can process things better
  • Teachers do not have to yell at kids to pay attention in class
  • Students will not forget their homework as easily
  • They might remember to grab every thing in the mornings
  • Kids might understand things better
  • If kids have to do morning work and they are early they might get it finished before class starts

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