Union Elementary School


Goal for Mrs. Greene's Kindergarten class

  • We want to teach the children the abilty to listen to and follow directions
  • We want to teach the children to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • We also want to teach them the ability to respect and work cooperatively

Positive statement we use to reward the student in Mrs. Greene's kindergarten class.

  • Star ticket is used when the teacher looks around the class and see student's or a student is doing what he/she is told to do.(They get to buy stuff with those tickets and the end of each month )
  • Free Hour and the end of each month depending on how many card you pulled.
  • Recess you get to play at recces when ever you didn't pull a card that day .IF you do pull a card then you have to walk laps and recess instead of playing with your friends.
  • Free drawing time on Fridays when you don't pull a card all week.
  • If you listen to Mrs. Greene teach the lesson then you get to work in groups with you friends .