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January 6- 10

Welcome Back!!

January 6th schedule

Dress comfy-jeans or sweats

8:00-8:20-Meet in library for a cereal bar

8:20-9:20-20/20 vision

9:20-11:30-work in room/finish entering grades

11:30-12:45-lunch on your own

12:45-3:30-team time/planning(45 minute meeting with coaches during this time-see schedule below)

12:45-1:30-Kinder and 1st work on intervention groups based on current reading levels and assessment data

2nd grade-spend time looking at 3rd grade CBA's

5th grade-meet with coaches for data talk

1:35-2:20-4th grade data talk with coaches

2:25-3:10-3rd grade data talk with coaches


Cafeteria Lunch Procedures- starting this week!

We are going to try something new for Parr beginning in January for lunch dismissal procedures. Check with your team lead or character team rep with questions.

  • 2-3 minutes before lunch ends cafeteria monitors will have students throw away trash and remain seated at the table.
  • Teachers will pick students up from the table at the end of lunch and line them up to dismiss. (Please be on time as there is another class coming in right behind you for lunch.)
  • 1st-5th will still have students as wipers/ sweepers.

It is the hope that there will be less trash on the tables/ floors and that have teachers pick students up from the lunch table will decrease the behaviors that are occurring while students are lined up by the exit doors. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to try something new.

Duty rotations change! Please be sure you know where you are headed and that your team has talked together about procedures so that everyone knows what is expected.

**Morning 7:45 a.m. duty-- please be at your duty spot right at 7:45 to ensure students are supervised. If you are running late please text Jen and Christina.

3rd 9 Weeks Student Parr Buck Rewards

Newest Site Plan for New Playground

Important Dates

Pledge Helpers-Guseman

Jan. 6- Campus PL Day


Jan. 7-

Students return

College Shirt and Jeans!

Huddle 3:30 p.m.

Day 1

Jan. 8-

Jen off campus a.m.


Day 2

Jan. 9-

Christina off campus afternoon

Day 3

Jan. 10-

Report cards go home

Day 4

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Shout out to...

Mrs. Kimbley for all of her work to make our Sing-A-Long a success!

3rd and 4th grade for working with Christin to create a data wall

Our very own Mary Jean Fields for being accepted into a Doctoral program of Occupational Therapy!

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Spring PL schedule

Here is an app for mindfulness for teachers!

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Purposefull People words-Cooperation/Kindness

Staff Challenge-consider this activity this month!

Classroom Cooperation

This month, partner up with a teacher in your building to plan a cooperative activity for your classrooms. Your administrator can partner up classrooms ahead of time or leave the partnering up to teachers. Work with your partner teacher to come up with an activity that allows your classrooms to work together. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Partner up with a younger or older classroom and plan a buddy reading time
Partner up with a classroom for “game day” and allow students to bring in their favorite games from home
Partner up with a classroom to play a favorite gym or recess game together

Sesame Street: Big Bird sings "That's Cooperation"
Fun Children's Book Reading with Pictures about Fairness
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