Preschool House Newsletter

January 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's break was lovely and full of fun times with your family. Mine was great too, but honestly, I'm very very happy to have all my preschoolers back. It was too long and too quiet here without them. New years also bring a new start, and I can't wait for some of our upcoming units. This month will be a lot of "All About Me" as we discuss ourselves, our feelings, and our families. We'll also be hitting rhyming words and counting pretty heavily. For our older preschoolers I'm going to start cracking down on name writing, and training them to use both upper and lower case letters as well as getting them all straight- and in a row :) Younger preschoolers are going to try to get at least a few of their letters from their name down- in whichever orientation I can get them to do!


I got a call from Planet Kid this week saying they had double booked, and we were bumped to the week before (this is different from what you have on your snack calendar) . So plan on Thursday, January 21st for our field trip. We'll be at the indoor play gym, Planet Kid at the Wings Center right across from the Costco on Cole Road. Our time is 10am until 11:15, and make sure your preschooler comes with socks on. Bring along the whole crew- I'll cover the costs of the preschoolers, and any additional kid is $3.75. Since this is combined field trip we won't have school the following day, Friday, January 22nd. So (just to clarify) the next week (Jan 25th-29th) we will have school every day just like usual.

No School- Monday Jan 18th

We'll be closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day

Just a Heads Up

The week of January 25th I have a series of doctors appointments at 8am downtown. Nothing major, at all, I just need to bop down and get my blood drawn in the morning so they can monitor some levels in preparation for a minor procedure sometime the following week. I should make it back to my place no problem by 9am, but since I'm a worrier, I've asked a few awesome preschool moms to be on standby to greet the preschoolers and hang out for a few minutes in the off chance I'm running late, so there's a very slight chance you'll see them waving you in a morning or two that week instead of me.

Sorry! No Pictures This Time

I updated my files during the break and somehow lost all the pictures from December that I had on my phone. I'll be back next month with a whole slew of pictures to make it up to you. In the meantime, I usually post a weekly recap of pictures on our Facebook page, so if you haven't had a chance yet, go take a look.