Winston Salem 12's

Buy some of the newest top brand shoes in the world.

"Living life free and good, the way you should."

Have you ever been accused of copying someone style or made fun of because, you wore the same shoes as them or cheaper shoes, well not anymore. The Winston Salem 12's are right now the best shoes, companies have to offer. These shoes have been worn for fashion and sports by many huge athletes such as Micheal Jordan. If athletes can wear them and be successful so can you, so join the billions of people around the world and become the next big thing. These shoes are made from the smallest to the biggest sizes so that people will always have a size that fits. These shoes come in many different colors, for example red, blue, lime green, black, and white. We will even let you send in your own shoe design and we will design the shoe exactly how you want it. If your not satisfied with the shoes you can send it back and we will fix it and send you a even newer pair. Your money is guaranteed back unless your 30 day warranty is up. So lets show the world what you are made of and buy these shoes.
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Where you can purchase these amazing shoes.

You can only purchase these shoes online. The shoes cost $120.00 plus a $75.00 shipping and handling fee. The price many be large but the product guarantees a very happy future for you and others all around the world.

"It Takes The Best To Be The Best."

Some of our top buyers!

Greatest release since the Jordan Bred 11

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Why should people buy these shoes instead of others?

The answer is quite simple, these shoes provide many miracles. They are approved by some of the biggest athletes in the world. The shoes provide you with ankle support, they are flexible unlike many other shoes, and provide comfort. They also contain air holes so your feet can breathe. People refer to them as the cure for athlete's foot so you'll never have to worry about it ever again. Plus if you buy two pairs you get the third pair half off from the original price. How could anybody pass up a great opportunity. So to all the athletes in the world these are the shoes you should buy they provide splendid support on and off the field as well for the people who like to feel comfortable wherever they go.

Quackery and Advertisement Techniques

Quackery- The cure for athletes foot.

Advertisement Techniques- Put Down, Rich & Fame, Bandwagon, Are You Cool Enough.