Weekly Bulletin

Cox Elementary 2/8/16

Hawthorn's Hype

Winter/Summer/Winter/Summer! Go ahead, just try and dress for the weather! Oh, and stay healthy! Crazy!

Just a reminder that there is a staff meeting this Wednesday and that Team meetings for next week have been cancelled. Also, if you want a lunch cart, they are outside my door just waiting for you! After Wednesday they will be stored in a different location. Also, all Valentine Parties must be on Friday due to CNS regulations.

We need Valentine Cards to deliver to Veterans next week. If possible, please have your class make cards. No last names, please!

Our workout group is growing! We would sure love for you to participate! It is designed for any level. Spring is on its way (some days it is here!) as is shorts season!


Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday: PTA Board Meeting 6:00 Library
  • Wednesday: Staff Meeting
  • Friday: Valentine Parties

Next Week:

  • Monday: AM Fire Drill
  • Monday: 7:00 Watchdog Ice Cream Social
  • Tuesday: Other Principals on Campus
  • Tuesday: TIER 3
  • Wednesday: Massages from 10-2:00
  • Friday: State of Texas Anniversary

cox carnival

Saturday, April 2nd, 10am

Cox Elementary School