A Noble Gas

Basic Information

  • Atomic symbol- Rn
  • Atomic number- 86
  • Atomic weight- 222.02
  • Period- 6
  • Group- 18
  • Colors- colorless
  • Classfication- Non-metal
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  • Found in 1900 in Germany by Friedrich Ernst Dorn.
  • Originally called niton
  • Ever since 1923 its been called radon


  • Used for therapeutic practices
  • Used to predict earthquakes
  • Used for radiation therapy in hospitals

Biology and Geology

  • Radon has no biological role
  • Often associated with uranium ores
  • A serious safety issue if you are around this gas
  • Can come from build up of rocks and soil


  • When a solid its mass is 4400 kg.
  • Melting point is -71 degrees Celsius.
  • Boiling point is at -61.7 degrees Celsius.
  • Its a gas
  • Can change color and its oderless

Interesting Facts

  • It’s an inert.
  • Although its dangerous its used in therapy.
  • It can change colors at melting and boiling points.
  • Can come from soil and rock buildup around houses.
  • Its a dangerous gas
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  • Radon is a clorless gas
  • Enert
  • Dangerous