ESL News--1st, 3rd, & 5th Graders

Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Dianne Anderson

A Message from the Teacher

Dear Parents,

It is a privilege to serve your child in ESL. Please read below for some ESL updates.

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Thank You,
Mrs. Dianne Anderson

What are we learning this week? December 8-12, 2014

Expanding English 12:25-1:15

Continue Unit 3: Water, Water Everywhere

Extend reading with the nonfiction texts and vocabulary below.


  • Earth's Water: clouds, Earth, evaporation, freezes, gas, invisible, liquid, melts, polluted, rain, solid, water

  • The Force of Water: deltas, floodplain, groundwater, irrigate, pollute, nutrients, recedes, sediment, tributaries, watershed, water vapor, massive, transport

Content Objectives

I can...

  • read and spell a variety of words.
  • identify features of a science text.
  • read, talk, and write about the science topic of water.
  • use context clues to understand new words.
  • write complete sentences.
  • write in response to a daily prompt.
  • ask and answer questions as I read.
  • reread to understand information better.
  • use text features when I read nonfiction.

Language Objectives

I can...

  • use subject/verb agreement when I speak and write.
  • talk about science topics with complete sentences.
  • listen to what my classmates say and respond to them.

Dates & Reminders

ESL Parties- Wed. 12/17 or Thurs. 12/18 during our regular ESL class times. I will update the time for each grade level in next week's newsletter.

December 19th- 2 hour day for students and teachers

December 22nd-January 2nd No School-Winter Holiday

January 5th- First Day back to school for both students and teachers