TenMarks Math

Personalizing Math Instruction

Program Highlights

  • Preloaded Curriculum aligned to Common Core

  • Variety of question types

  • Questions are rigorous and build in complexity

  • Reports by Standard or Learning Track

  • Lesson Resources in Math Teach to help teachers guide student learning

  • Jam Sessions allow students to work on core skills needed to be successful with curriculum

  • March Math Madness Contest motivational for students

Getting Started - Student

Student Video: How to Get Started

Getting Started - Teacher

How to Get Started with TenMarks for Teachers
TenMarks Vimeo Channel

How To videos for adding students, assigning curriculum, and viewing reports.

TenMarks Math Teach

  • Helps teachers with best practices

  • Guided questions to assess readiness

  • Warm up starts w basic skills and builds

  • Enrichment & Assessment

Overview of a TenMarks Math Teach Lesson