The New York Daily

Murder in Greenwich village apartments By Ivan Gonzalez

Greenwich village, New York 1954

The Greenwich village apartments may be one of the smallest apartment complexes in New York city, but a lot goes around within the small community. At the first glimpse we don't really expect much from these people , However when observing them for a long while you find out that these people aren't as innocent as they may look. On one night A scream is heard in the Thornwalds apartment and witnesses claim to see Mr Thornwald leaving his complex on multiple occasions.

Feminism In the 1950's

Men and Women in this time period are seen as having different views however it is the start of 1950's and that is the start to feminism, Women are starting to be more independent and strong without a male dominance. This growing change is the start to a world with strong women and it will grow in generations to come.