Apps For Preschoolers

By Paige Hilkemann

Great learning apps for preschoolers.

Monkey School Lunchbox- 99 Cents you can do puzzles,colors,shapes, and shorting.

Little Writer- a free app help kids learn to trace letters capital and lowercase.

Farm 123 is a free app that helps you learn how to count and get to know animals.


  • Get online books makes reading easy and fun.
  • Having books on the Ipad is a quick way to read and find the perfect book.
  • Great to have for story time.
  • You never have to worry about damaging books.

Helps Autistic Kids.

The Ipad help people that are autistic with communication and helps express emotion by getting apps that help them out.

Verbal Victor lets you record your voice and lets them plays it back for you if you click on it.

Iconverse shows you pictures and says it out loud.

Set rules

Setting rules to use the Ipad will come in handy when you have children play with it.

Set a timmer limit the time they get to play on it.

Have one person use it at a time.