Alexander the Great

By: Starr Pierre, Briauna Mancuso, and Sherese

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His Accomplishments in Greece

  • He succeeded his father as commander in chief
  • Conquered Thebes

His Accomplishments in Persia

  • He used brutal force to conquer Persia and often used phalanxes
  • He won the Battle of Issus despite many casualties
  • He allowed the Persians to keep their religious beliefs but treated them cruelly

His Accomplishments in India

  • He created an agreement with the city- states
  • Went to the river, Hydaspes and fought Porus

His Accomplishments in Egypt

  • Became Pharaoh and took control
  • Created a city north west of Memphis called Alexandria and believed it would be port and trade center
  • He built temples and the Alexandria museum