Colin Gilmore


flight to japan

my flight is american air lines at 6am.this flight takes 6 hr and 34mins.and it costs 437$ I am going to pack my phone my phone charger and my cloths I also got the window seat on the plane I got the first class on the plane that must mean I don't get those horrible peanuts that they hand out .


The capitol hotel it costs 304 per night and I am staying there for 6 nights there are two beds for no apparent reason and there's a indoor swing pool that goes down to 7ft and the breakfast is free and there's a 7eleven right next to the hotel and a dennys I am looking forward to this trip .

What Iam going to do

I am going to go to the Tokyo Disney land it cost 63dollors for each person there's roller costars there and much more fun stuff. Then I am going to the rainbow bridge it (2618) long and the construction started in 1987 it was completed in 1993 that's a long time its also 1903 meters long . I am also going to Ueno Zoo where I can see amazing animals like tigers and elephants and lions and more cool animals .Last I am going to a gift shop so I can buy a cool t-shits or a sweeter.


If I ran out of food I would have to go to the store and buy some milk or I would have to go to dennys right across the street and spend some money or I would just go down stairs and get free food from the hotel.

About the Traveler

I learned that you should learn to who spend your money be for you go to a conseno
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