Social Phobia

Nick I. TB7

What is Social Phobia?

Social Phobia is an anxiety problem that builds extreme feelings of shyness and self-consciousness into a powerful fear.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Body and mind act as if there is real danger
  • Physical sensations of fear
  • Faster heartbeat and breathing
  • Fight or Flight response
  • Extreme feelings of shyness and self consciousness build into a powerful fear of embarrassment and get in the way of life
  • Feeling self conscious and uncomfortable about being noticed or judged by others

How does it affect someone?

  • Feeling lonely or disappointed over missed opportunities for friendship and fun.
  • Not getting the most out of school.
  • Missing a chance to share their talents and learn new skills.

Other names and forms

Two other names for Social Phobia are Social Anxiety and Selective Mutism

How is Social Phobia diagnosed?

Social Phobia is diagnosed with the help of therapists, and friends and family.

How is Social Phobia treated?

  • Therapists and friends and family help the person create a plan for facing social fears one by one and to build the skills and confidence to do it.
  • Sometimes medication can help reduce anxiety.

Interesting Fact

Some people develop Social Phobia because of their biological makeup, behaviors learned from role models (ex. parents), or life event and experiences.