Slavery and Racism

What is slavery and racism?

  • Slavery and racism was a cheap source of labor. Slavery was a legal system which principles of property law were allowing them to be considered owned by their owners.

Europeans enslaving Africans

  • It was cheaper for the Europeans to import Africans. Africans could fight off old world diseases and when they tried to run away they didn't know where to go and they do not know how to survive on their own.

Europeans enslaved Indians, American Africans, and even other Europeans.

Were slaves cheap?

  • Slaves were definitely not cheap
  • An 18 year old slave would be sold for around $650
  • Today that would cost $14,500

Types of Racism

  • There are many different types of racism because everyone has their own opinion on it.
  • Prejudice, discrimination, hatred, or intolerance based on race (culture)
  • --- Individuals of all races can be racist.
  • Belief that race is determinant of one's traits and abilities (genetic definition)
  • --- individuals of all races can be racist.
  • A system in which those in a position of power discriminate or perpetuate hatred or intolerance against other racial groups (socio-political)
  • --- Only individuals of the racial group in power can be racist.

Who started the trouble with racism?

  • Europeans
  • Why?
  • The Europeans think that they are more superior than anyone else.
  • They enslaved everyone that was not their race ( American Indians, Asians, Africans and others).

Facts about slavery

  • When women were pregnant they still had to work even during the last week of the childbirth.
  • Many slaves suffered from deadly diseases, syphilis, smallpox.
  • The owner of the slaves would rape the slaves and the slaves could not do anything about it.

Facts about Racism

  • There would be a sign for a water fountain stating that there was one for blacks and one for whites.
  • The Holocaust- 6 million lives of Jewish people were lost because the Nazi's did not like the Jews.
  • Racism is banned in the European union.