Mr. Ross' Weekly Newsletter

May 1, 2015

"Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success."

- Shawn Achor

What Will We Be Learning This Week?


We will continue Unit 8, which focuses on equations, functions, and order of operations.

Language Arts

We will be reading Freedom Crossing, a historical fiction novel centered around the Underground Railroad.

We will not have any more Words Their Way spelling lists this year.

Social Studies

We have finished our USA Studies Weekly assignments for the year. Our focus in Social Studies from here on out will be on the Underground Railroad with the novel Freedom Crossing.


We will be continuing our study of large-scale weather patterns (the third part of our weather unit).

Weather Patterns 1 - The Water Cycle

Weather Patterns 2 - Measuring Weather

Weather Patterns 3 - Weather Patterns

Odds & Ends

Homework Changes

Our daily homework assignments will be very different from here on out. We will no longer have Words Their Way spelling lists, USA Studies Weekly, or even the 30 minute daily reading requirement.

Instead, our homework will be tailored to help prepare students for the EOGs. We will begin having two EOG Practice Passages each week, one due on Wednesday and one due on Friday.

We will begin having daily science homework. Some days it may be to just study for a set amount of time. Other days I may send home a reading passage with comprehension questions to be answered. Please refer daily to your child's agenda to stay on top of this.

Math homework will also vary from here on out. On some nights the assignment will be pages out of the Math Expressions homework book, as we have done all year. Other nights I may print out review work for students that will focus on aspects of the curriculum that I feel we need to revisit before the EOG. There also may be nights without any math homework at all due to assignments in other subjects.

As always, you can visit my class webpage for an up-to-date Google Slide of the day's homework assignments. This is a good way to check behind your child to make sure that they copied everything correctly into their agendas.

Technology in the Classroom

We have started using Google Classroom, which is basically a way for me to organize digital assignments and materials for students that I would have otherwise just uploaded to Google Drive. You can access this by going to The student login is the same as for the other google accounts.

Thank you for sending in the tablets and other devices for your children to use. We are now using these devices on a daily basis in our classroom so they are very helpful to have!

Upcoming Events

5/12 - PDQ Spirit Night

5/13 - Progress Reports

5/15 - Box Tops Collection Date (Final Collection Date of Year)

5/15 - Haw River 2015 Benefit Dance

5/25 - No School (Memorial Day)

Upcoming Field Trips:

5/8 - Science Center Outreach Program at Blackburn - Weather

Block Schedule

Monday 5/4 - Drama

Tuesday 5/5 - PE

Wednesday 5/6 - PE

Thursday 5/7 - Music

Friday 5/8 - Drama

Monday 5/11 - PE

Tuesday 5/12 - PE

Wednesday 5/13 - Music

Thursday 5/14 - Drama

Friday 5/15 - PE