Spanish Class Update

November 4, 2013

Grammar in the background

We are learning the grammar rules for nouns and adjectives to help us put together our vocabulary and make sentences. I will give the students a sheet of verbs and extras to use as sentence builders. We will be playing games like 4 corners and worksheet races along with computer games to get the grammar right, but we are also making paper chain sentences and doing other practice to start CREATING language not just understand language. (Although understanding it is a BIG deal, too!)

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a holiday in Mexico to remember those who have died. It is culturally very different and difficult for Americans to understand. The students were very respectful and attentive to the cultural information. Last week they made skull masks and churros and did face paintings. Ask them to tell you about what they learned. Click on the link for a Pinterest Board to see links and visuals of El Dia de Los Muertos.