Student Data Dig Process

Renaissance Middle School

Why conduct student Data Digs?

With this hands-on approach, students gain the personal knowledge needed to make academically based decisions regarding their level of standards mastery. This process is an individualized task, designed to pin point students' strengths and weaknesses. Teachers provide the materials and resources necessary to aid students in acquiring the knowledge needed to show improvement. Students who have mastered the concepts become the experts on the subject and can assist in peer remediation

Students Buy into The Process


Personalized Learning Connection- "Choice & Voice" and "Co-Planning Student Learning"

Personalized Learning may also be called student-centered learning, since the general goal is to make individual learning needs the primary consideration in important educational and instructional decisions, rather than what might be preferred, more convenient, or logistically easier for teachers and schools.

As Renaissance Middle School advances toward the FCS Personalized Learning implementation process, it is essential to conduct student data digs. Two of the Seven Principles of Personalized Learning are "Choice & Voice" and "Co-Planning Student Learning", which tie directly to students understanding where they are in the standards mastery process.