The Federal Republic of Brazil

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Brazil is located on the coast of south America and goes into the center of the country. It takes up most of the east coast except for the areas where Argentina and Uruguay are. The Equator crosses the far north of Brazil.


Brazil's climate consists of semi-arid, tropical, arid, and humid sub-tropical. The climate comes from the north of Brazil. It has most of Amazonian rainforest and has the equator running through the top section of the country.

Effect on people, with the average temperature and the average rainfall

The rather warm climate makes the seasons smaller, in relativity to our seasons. The hottest place in Brazil, the northeast, usually has a temperature of more than 100 F to 63 F.The average rainfall in Brazil is 60 millimeters ( or 2.4 inches) per year. This temperature range makes the country very warm place with many festivals and parades.

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Brazil has a federal republic and uses the Brazilian Real as currency. Their current president is Dilma Rousseff. She is the 36th president of Brazil and each president has a 4 year term. Instead of the people having the majority of the power, the President does, though the people do get to vote. All 27 states of Brazil has their own constitutions and governments, but together they make part of the federal government. Each state has its own elected legislature and governor.
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Languages, religions, ethnicites, and literacy rates

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, but some speak French and Spanish. The most popular religion is Catholic, but they also practice Protestant, Methodist, Episcopal, Pentecostal, Lutheran, and Baptist. Baptist being the least popular.The national ethnicity of Brazil are the Portuguese Brazilians. The national literacy rate is 90.4%. The stranded of living in Brazil is lower than more powerful countries.

Economy of Brazil

Brazil's main export, agriculture product, are coffee and coffee beans. They also are large producers of soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, citrus and beef. Brazil is much stronger producer in terms of manufacturing, mining, and service sectors. The country has also had spikes of production in past years and is quickly developing. The agriculture section of Brazil's economy is a major section of the countries income. The country has no trade barriers as of today, because they have had little problems with other countries. The country has a mixed economy because there are many sellers of products ownd by reular people, not the government. The amount of entrepreneurship is very high, as there are lots of businesses not owned by the government. The country has acess to lots of oil, coal and and silver.
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Environmental Problems

The main problem is carbon dioxide. The constantly packed roads and the thousands of Maquiladoras only add to the problem. The amount of carbon dioxide is extremely high and the effects of the dioxide in the packed cities are smog. Which is carbon dioxide induced fog.