2A - German Tombstone

Ms. Wagner


- To use the school’s databases to research a famous German speaking person in history and create a tombstone/flyer with at least ten facts.

- To translate the information you find from English to German.

- To create a digital display for the information you locate.

- To properly cite using MLA format the resources you use.

- To share information found and learn about other German speaking people in history.


1. Only use the school databases. Find a minimum of TWO database articles about your person.

2. Include at least TWO images.

3. Cite ALL the resources you use for information – database articles and images.

4. Find 10 facts about the person you are assigned. You are encouraged to find additional accomplishments. (see handout for specific facts required)

5. Make a digital flyer using Smore.com to include the information above.

6. The Smore flyer may list facts but should also have a minimum of FIVE complete sentences about the person.

7. Submit the completed Smore flyer through the form on the library media center webpage.