Reading Motivation

Creating a classroom of students who LOVE to read!

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What is Reading Motivation?

Reading motivation is the idea of a student's goals and beliefs about reading. A motivated reader has a purpose for reading. A student that is considered a motivated reader has learned the significance of reading and that it is not only interesting but also informative.
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Giving students the opportunity to have input in what type of book they read helps to increase motivation by allowing the students to choose books according to their personality.
Dr. Anne Cunningham on Reading and Allowing Choice

Setting Reading Goals

Goals should be specific, proximal, and moderately difficult. Teachers should set up conferences to discuss goals and tell students exactly what they need to do in order to reach the goals.
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Reading Programs that Motivate Students to Read

Reading Workshop:

The reading workshop framework allots students time to read each day, gives the students a choice in what they read, and respond to the text in an authentic way.

Independent Reading Programs:

These types of reading programs help to motivate and promote students' interest in reading by offering access to books, set routines, individual preferences, and student accountability. An example of an independent reading program for grades K-12 would be Scholastic Reading Counts!

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Print-Rich Environment

Creating a classroom library is very important to motivate students to have a desire to read. Provide lots of different genres and types of books in your classroom library. Creating a "Readbox" or something similar in your classroom library helps students to make a real world connection and think of reading as fun and enjoyable!
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Additional Resources

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