New Parent Newsletter Assignment


New appearance

1. Hair all over body

2. Misshapen head

3. Rash

4. Bruises

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Bonding with your infant

1. Skin to skin contact

2. Talking to your baby

3. Playing with your baby

4. Reading to your baby

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Toys for babies

Soft books

Stacking toys

Push toys

Toys that make noise

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breast and bottle feeding

1. Breast feeding gives baby immunities

2. Breast feeding creates a band

3. Bottle feeding is convenient

4. Bottle feeding lets Dad halp

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First foods for baby

Rice cereal

Puréed fruits

Puréed vegetables

Puréed meats

Finely chopped adult food

Characteristics of a healthy child

Happy mood

Bright eyes

Healthy appetite

Sleeps soundly

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SIDS Prevention and crib safety

1. Put baby to sleep on back

2. On pillows or blankets in crib

3. Use a tight fitting mattress

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