By:Joey D.

What is a cat?

A cat is a very curious animal. If you are playing with a cat and they start biting never hit one, any breed. If a cat ever gets hit hard it can make them very ill.

What does a cat need?

If you ever get a cat they will need to be neutered/spaded. They also will need to be taken to a vet yearly. They will need to be brushed weekly; litter box cleaned 2-3 times daily, 2-3 meals daily fresh water, and toys.

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A cats food

A cat should only eat foods vets recommend. But if a cat eats any type of chocolate, mice, or dog food they will become very ill and not want to eat or play with anybody.So if you have dogfood out put it to were the cat cant get.

Holding a cat

A fast and easy way to hold a cat is to firmly put one hand under the cat’s front paws and the other hand under the cats Heine paws. Finally, hold the cats upright. If the cat’s arms are overhanging your arms it means you are holding the cat right. If the cat’s arms are not overhanging yours set the cat down and try it again.

Danger of outside

If your cat gets outside it’s in danger. Your cat can get into a fight with other animals, and possibly get hurt. Some other reasons your cat shouldn’t be outside are they can get diseases, get hit by a car/truck, they can get stuck in high areas, yarn, rubber bands, or even being picked up by a stranger to hard.


You have now learned what is a cat, what they need, a cats age, what should they eat, how to hold a cat, or what could happen if a cat gets outside.

Fun Facts

-A Scotish Fold cat never unfolds their ears

-An American Curls ear will never move from an 0 form

-A cat can be any shade/breed

-In the world there are more cats than dogs


Breed- An animal strain visibly from its parent species, particularly produced by human intervention

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