Wayne WIlliams trial

Fiber evidence

Who was he?

Wayne William aka the atlanta monster age 22 at the time of his arrest was for a large amount of murders in the atlanta area. he was born and raised in northwest atlanta. Both of his parents were school teachers. He seemed to be just an average African American male.

The Case

The case was extremely reliant on fiber evidence that was found on the bodies of a couple of the boys killed and that they matched the things that were in Wayne Williams life. They used some hair sample that didn't rule out his dog named Sheba form being the dog that left the hair on the victims. They also made him take 3 polygraphs that he failed every time. The prosecution use a combination of these things in order to convict him for 2 murders.

fiber evidence

The use of fiber evidence was overly abundant in the Wayne Williams case being pretty much the sole piece of evidence. The use of fiber evidence had not been used quite like this in a case previous to the Williams case. The prosecution had never used only fiber evidence a science that had not been fully developed as of yet to completely finish a case.


investigators were hoping to find a match with the hair and fibers found on the bodies and match it to his car and household. They were attempting to find a connection to tie Wayne Williams to the Cases of the murders.

How they used it

They used the fibers they found on the body and looked around Williams household. They managed to connect it to the the fibers found in his daily life like his dog and fibers from his house but couldn't find a match with the car. This information showed the connection with Wayne Williams and many of the murders.

West Point Pepperell Corporation

A fiber from his carpet made with a dye West Point Pepperal Corporation. The company only used that die for one year on about 16,000 carperts so the quantity was actually small enough that they showed the small chance of the carpet fiber to be a match and not show some connection to Wayne Williams.

The Stats behind it

investigators build this whole case from just the pure unlikely coincidence in all the fiber found on the body could match from a part of Wayne Williams life. They made jurors think how could there so many things similar to his life and him not be guilty. They displayed the unfathomable idea his innocence to be a lunatic idea.

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