Chia seed growth in different soils

Conor, Bryn, Jade, Rachel, Will


There were multiple different websites/blogs that suggested different soils to plant chia seeds in. Leading to our main question.


If we plant 3 chia seeds in fertilized soil then they will grow more at an increased rate because the fertilized soil will have more nutrients than the other soils.


Independant variable- The type of soil

dependant variable- the growth of the chia seed

extraneous variables- temperture of the room, exact amount of soil, CO2 in the room, moisture in the room


We set up the lab using three identical cups to put the different soils in. We filled each cup to the ridge on the inside. We filled one with fertilized soil, one with gravely sand, and one with dirt. We placed the seeds evenly in each cup ontop of the soil. We took 2tsp of water and watered each cup evenly. Each day we measured the height of the seeds.

Data Table Link

results included in data table

Lab Do-over

Based on our data, we would plan to test the different ways to water the plant. Possibly including different beverages and also the different waters with things mixed in. Our lab did not show the results we were looking for, but we did still learn.

Final Conclusion

Our final conclusion is that chia seeds grow fastest when planted in fertilized soil. We concluded that normal dirt and gravelly sand is not close to comparing to fertilized soil.