A special invitation

to the Language World Conference Dinner 2015

René Koglbauer requests the pleasure of your company

at the ALL President's table for the Language World 25th Anniversary Dinner, on the evening of Friday 20 March 2015.

Language World Dinner 2015

Friday, March 20th, 8pm

Centre For Life, Times Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

The annual Language World conference dinner is a chance for delegates, exhibitors, visitors and speakers to network and socialise together. The dinner will be preceded by an evening reception at 7:15pm, and followed by a short theatre performance and disco.

Wear an item of silver-coloured clothing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Language World and feast on a slice of celebratory cake!

Programme of events

7:15pm Drinks reception
8:00pm Welcome
8:15pm Formal dinner
9:30pm Theatre performance
9:45pm Disco

Please RSVP to:

The Association for Language Learning via email: