Green Dewitt


Green DeWitt

Green DeWitt was an empresario in Mexican Texas. He started the DeWitt Colony. He fought in the war 1812, rising to the rank by the wars end, then he was elected Sheriff of Ralls County, Missouri.The DeWitt colony ( 1820s through the 1840s) was a settlement in Mexican Texas founded by Green DeWitt. From lands belonging to that colony, the present Texas counties of DeWitt,Guadalupe and Lavaca were created.

History of Green DeWitt

Green DeWitt was born in Lincoln Kentucky and died a captain of the army in may 18, 1835. The people made a county courthouse after him. The Dewitt county courthouse located in Cuero. The courthouse was added to the National register of Historical places on May 6, 1971.

His Life


Problems for Dewitt

DeWitt and DeLeon colonies turned to mutual goals of developing a society and security issues against Indians.