DMS Theme

Caring about others

Caring about others

The theme of Discovery Middle School is to care about others not your self. We should care about others so they don't get hurt and that you don't get hurt. We should do this so we don't just think about our self. Another reason is that kids and adults think that it's just them in the world and that's not true. It's not true because you are not the only people in the world there are other people too. The last reason is that even parents do it and that makes kids want to do it and parents are supposed to role models for kids. If the parents don't step up kids could be greedy and only care about them self's for the rest of there life and we do not want that to happen. We want good kids in life so lets care about others and not just your self.


Please Care about others

To care about others

This relates to my theme because it talks about caring for others and just not your self. My theme is to don't only care for your self care for others to. So i talked about earlier that if parents don't care about others then kids will not care about others because kids always follow what parents do. So parents care about others and kids will care about others and the world will be a happy caring place to live.