The Rent Revolution

Fight High Housing Costs In Exeter

The Situtation

Exeter (and Devon in general) have housing prices "akin to London" (Quote from the head of Devon Council), such extraordinary rates mean that thousands of students struggle to afford housing within Exeter each year. Ultimately we find that there are several ways in which the University is increasing the strain upon students:
  • The commodification of education goes hand in hand with private contractors who are building expensive accommodation (costing up to £1000 a month, making it the most expensive in the country).
  • Charging students for unused accommodation in term 3 whilst also asking they pay more if they come back a day early.
  • Closing down the cheapest accommodation whilst keeping only the high and moderately priced ones open (Moberly for example remains only to be open in overflow situations)
  • Lack of Disabled Access Rooms especially within affordable accommodation

As such we find that the University management itself is not helping ease the housing price crisis within Exeter.

The Solution

As such Exeter Socialist Students and Exeter Defend Education have agreed to campaign and lobby for the following:
  1. Lower rent prices for University owned accommodation
  2. No more University funding and partnerships for overly expensive accommodations
  3. A term 3 refund option for time not used
  4. Greater lower rent choices for students (particularly disabled students)
  5. The creation of a housing co-op within the next 10 years

In order to do this we will campaign via the guild central system as well as grass routes campaigns, gathering support from wherever we can.

Take action for fairer accommodation.