4C News

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Off to a great start!

Hi 4C parents! The kids and I have had a great three days together! Thank you so much for providing your child with all of the necessary school supplies. We're hoping next week will bring cooler weather. :)

Some 4C Info.....


All assignments are written in the agenda. Students will have daily homework. At times, the students will be given time in school to get a head start in class. Any assignments that need to be checked and/or completed will be brought home. Please sign the agenda each evening. It is your 4th grader’s responsibility to show you his/her homework and get your signature. The agenda is a wonderful tool for communication! Please feel free to write me a note in the agenda as I see it every morning.

*Be sure to ask your child about his/her nightly reading assignment.

Friday Folder

Friday Folders will be sent home each Friday (with the exception of today!). It will include your child’s work from the week. Please review the contents, empty the folder, and return to school on Monday. In addition, be sure to sign the Friday Folder Sheet and make necessary comments.


On most Fridays, you will receive a newsletter that outlines where we have been and where we are heading!

Scholastic Book Orders

September book orders will be coming home soon! Attached to the orders will be a letter outlining the procedure to order online. Traditional orders are still accepted. Please be sure your child’s name is on the order form. Checks only please! If you are ordering from multiple forms, only one check is necessary and it should be made payable to “Scholastic Books.”

Instrument lessons

In the 4th grade we are very excited for students as they have the opportunity to begin instrumental lessons. Lessons will begin very soon!

Snacks & Drinks

We will have snack every day. Please be sure your child brings something nutritious. Candy is not a choice. In addition, please be sure your child brings a spoon if s/he is planning to have pudding, yogurt, or fruit cup for snack. I encourage students to bring in a water bottle so they may stay hydrated.


Birthday celebrations are fun for all of us! However, please know that the District has adopted a new policy. ALL TREATS COMING INTO SCHOOL HAVE TO PURCHASED AND PREPACKAGED! That’s right, that means you no longer can bake cupcakes at home…..you would have to purchase them from a store. Please be sure the treat is easy to serve. Pre-cut treats are best. In addition, please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless every girl or every boy in the class is invited.

*If your child has a food allergy, please send in something that we can have on hand to serve him/her when necessary.



On Monday we'll begin our Haudenosaunee unit. Throughout the upcoming weeks the kids will be learning more about main idea, character traits, story elements, theme, summarizing, and making inferences.

1st Field Trip

The entire 4th grade will be traveling to Ganondagan on Friday, September 23rd. The slip is green and your child is bringing it home today in his/her take home folder. It's double sided, please be sure to read the note from Dr. Cook which further explains our need to limit parent chaperones. Slips should be returned ASAP!

Picture Day!

Your 4th grader will be photographed on September 16th. Order forms came home today.

Salt Dough Maps

Our mission this week was to create a salt dough map of NYS. They are almost finished! Look for pictures next week!

Dates to Remember

September 16th - Picture Day

September 23 - Ganondagan Trip