Pause & Consider Factsheet

Jessica Pollock

MTE 523

Samuel Rauls

April 4, 2016

Effective Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is making the students feel safe, ready to learn, allowing ownership, working together, develop value and beliefs of themselves, including student needs, and collaboration (Jones, 2012). There should be a positive relationship between both the teacher and students; creating a calm and safe environment. Classrooms should be operated in an organized manner with rules for safety. Teachers should also be able to correct disruptive behavior in a way that is effective and calm and does not create more issues.
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Virginia Details Effecting Classroom Management

  • Nearly 1 in 6 children in Virginia were poor in 2014
  • More than 18,000 public school students were homeless in 2012--2013
  • 5,863 children were abused or neglected in 2013
  • 29,225 children were arrested in 2012
  • Virginia spend 2.8 times as much per prisoner as per public school student in Fiscal Year 2012

(Children in the States Factsheets 2015, 2015).

Classroom Management Plan Based on Virginia Details

Display & Arrangement: I will create a room that is fun and bright welcoming students and encouraging a positive and safe classroom. The room will also be arranged to ensure I can access each student leaving no one out.

  • Bright bulletin boards
  • Changing decor based on the holiday or season
  • Positive sayings throughout room
  • Cozy reading corner with lights, rug, and bean bag chairs
  • Good Work Board (place to hang good grades)
  • Seats will be arranged in a U shape to ensure access to all students
  • Rules will be displayed with a class contract
  • Posters with educational reminders about the topic

Positive Reinforcement & Motivation: I plan on using positive feedback to motivate my students to do well on a daily basis.

  • Stamps & Stickers on high scoring tests and papers
  • positive sayings when needed
  • corrections made in a positive manner
  • homework passes and extra credit will be rewarded for certain projects and tests
  • if class goes well I will allow 5 minutes of free time
  • fun educational games
  • exit slips to know how the students are doing learning wise and also this can be used to let me know if they need additional supplies

Behavioral Issues: I will handle behavior issues with a chart, explaining the rules and consequences.

  • Green is ready to learn, Yellow is a warning, and Red is detention or referral
  • if students stay on green for a certain amount of time they will get a reward (+3 points, candy, homework pass, etc.)

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