The King of the Roman Empire

Julius Caesar ,Dictator of Rome

The Beginning for Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was born on July 12-13 in 100 BC. IN that time, Rome was desecrated by their nobility. There was chaos and no order.Julius believed that the only way for tranquility was to have a governorship of a dictator. His family was well educated in Roman politics which helped him become prepared for office. In 60 BC, Julius was elected as consul, one of the highest offices with power.

Before achieving control , he had married his first wife ,Cornelia. The first dictator,Sulla, had ordered to divorce her or lose his land because she was the daughter of a noble man. He escaped and went into the military. After Sulla's death he became dictator.

The Achievement of Rome

Julius is now well known and famous and has ruled over many lands. He has secured governorship with Gaul and taken it over. Soon, Caesar creates a partnership with Pompey, a former soldier of Sulla and Crassus, a wealthy man .Crassus soon died on his granted term in Syria while Pompey was in Spain.

Later on Pompey an Julius went to war. Pompey was no match for Julius and fled to Egypt.Soon he was killed their.He had also met Cleopatra and had an affair that bore him a child.

When Julius returned back to Rome, he was made dictator. He was a fair ruler and worked for office fora year until his assassination but was made dictator for life.