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5th Six Weeks (2016-2017)


The Cat in the Hat Breakfast

Mrs. Linda Hinojosa, Palacios Librarian, in collaboration with the PSJA Child Nutrition Program planned a Dr. Seuss The Cat In The Hat breakfast celebration on March 1, 2017. The breakfast not only commemorated Dr. Seuss, but also promoted the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast. While the students ate their breakfast a surprise visit was made by The Cat in the Hat at Panther Cafeteria. I wish to especially thank our Panther cafeteria staff. Thank you to all who participated in the event.

March 1, 2017

Dr. Seuss Menu at Palacios Cafeteria: Yogurt Parfait


Dr. Seuss Literacy Carnival

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Dr. Seuss Literacy Carnival

The celebration for Dr. Seuss at Panther Cafeteria was a huge success. The Dr. Seuss Literacy event is held annually at our school. The carnival theme was chosen this year by Mrs. Linda Hinojosa, Palacios Librarian, and will continue to be the theme in the future. Reading activities for every grade level were held at each of the eight reading stations. New carnival themed reading events were added this year. Cake, punch, hotdogs, popcorn, and cotton candy were served to approximately 350 people that came out to the event this year to honor Dr. Seuss' birthday. Special thanks to PSJA Education Foundation for awarding a grant to Mrs. Linda Hinojosa to sponsor the event. The Molina Foundation also awarded a book grant to Mrs. Hinojosa. The book grant was used to provide the books given away to each child that attended. The success of the event was overwhelming. The entire week was devoted to celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. Each day was celebrated with an event to highlight one of his books. Special events highlighting the week included the "The Cat in the Hat Breakfast" provided by the PSJA Child Nutrition Program and the Dr. Seuss Literacy Carnival. Special thank you to the parent volunteers, especially Mrs. Villanueva and Palacios staff that participated to make this event a great success.

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Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017!

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Dr. Seuss was born 113 years ago today!

Who was Dr. Seuss?

"Theodor Seuss Geisel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1904. His grandparents had moved to the United States from Germany. When he was little, his mom chanted rhymes to help him fall asleep. When he was older, Theodor went to Dartmouth College. He wrote for a school magazine that had funny stories, jokes, and silly drawings. But, he got in trouble at school and wasn't allowed to write for the magazine anymore. So, he started using a pen name. A pen name is a made-up name used by an author in place of his or her own real name. Theodor used his middle name, which was Seuss. He added "doctor" later. He wasn't really a doctor. He worked as a cartoonist.

Dr. Seuss drew cartoons of government leaders and things that were happening in the world, like war. Cartoons can make people think about important problems by poking fun at them. He also drew advertisements for oil, cleaning supplies, lamps, and even bug spray.

Then, Dr. Seuss was asked to write and illustrate books that would make kids excited about learning to read. Many of his books rhyme, and they help kids learn to read and have fun with words. Hop on Pop repeats words over and over again to help kids practice reading. The book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish has a lot of rhyming words. The words look and sound the same, like "hook," "book," and "cook." There's also a creature called Nook! Many of Dr. Seuss' books have imaginary creatures and use fun, made-up words.

Dr. Seuss wrote fiction, and his books are about imaginary characters or places. In The Cat in the Hat, a talking cat causes a lot of trouble and makes a big mess. The kids in the story have to clean up before their mom comes home! Many of Dr. Seuss’ books share a lesson.

In Green Eggs and Ham, the main character tries to get his friend to eat something that looks a little gross. He says, "I do not like them in a house." "I do not like them with a mouse." But finally, his friend tries it and loves it! The story teaches that it's good to try new things.

In Horton Hears a Who! an elephant protects a tiny planet and its tiny people from danger. Horton says, "A person's a person, no matter how small." The book teaches that it's important to respect each other.

The Lorax is about special trees that are cut down to make clothes. The creatures that live there lose their homes and get sick because of the pollution. The book talks about a big problem that's happening in our world today. Dr. Seuss wrote over sixty children's books."

(Transcript from BrainPOP Jr.)

Learn about Dr. Seuss on BrainPOP Jr. on MackinVIA!


Top Homeroom Circulation Statistics-5th Six Weeks

Top Homeroom

1. Lopez, Anahi (2nd) 259

2. Hinojosa, Cynthia (3rd) 251

3. Mendoza, Lucila (4th)184

4. Martinez, Bianca (5th) 153

5. Noreiga, Lorena (4th) 142

6. Rodriguez, Jeanette (3rd) 137

7. Chavez, Marta (5th) 115

8. Villarreal, Sylvia (4th) 96

9. Rodriguez, Sandra (2nd) 94

10. Sandra Rodriguez (3rd) 91

Top Patron Circulation Statistics-5th Six Weeks

Top Patron

1. Valdez, Rebecca (3rd) 26

2. Flores, Natalee (3rd) 25

3. Luna, Julius (4th) 23

4. Acosta Vasquez, Jose (4th) 22

5. Uresti,Eva (3rd)22

6. Limas, Luis (2nd)21

7. Benitez, Genesis (5th) 20

8. Flores, Brando (4th) 20

9. Gutierrez, Robert E. (2nd) 20

10. Martinez Villarreal, Rolando (2nd) 19

Palacios Library Circulation Statistics

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Palacios AR Quizzes Taken & Passed

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