Changing in careers

Stay positive

Every career change comes with a variety of emotions. While you may be thrilled to take this next step in your career, transitioning into a new position is likely to come with a few obstacles. Whether you’re not quite fitting in as quickly as you’d hoped or maybe your typical work speed hasn’t got back up to par

Find your routine

The average duration of unemployment is about eight months in the current job climate. For many, this means the breaking and remaking of a variety of routines. Returning to work might initially be a challenge in terms of finding your footing with your new tasks

Immerse yourself in company culture.

Fitting in at a new job often means observing the overall culture of the company and adapting. Since you were hired for the position, you probably expressed a variety of values that made you a good match for the company.

Take notes

Key in on your work environment by utilizing your senses. Take both physical and mental notes on what goes on around you. While you’re immersing yourself in the culture of the company, also familiarize yourself with some of the other norms.

Set goals

Within the first few weeks on the job, make a point to establish some beneficial goals. Ask yourself what you must accomplish in your first three months, what you want to accomplish in the future, and how you plan to continually improve your efficiency.

Build relationships

The relationships you have with the people you work with can easily make or break your experience. Immediately forging relationships with your co-workers will also help you transition more smoothly.

Increase your participation

While you might still be nailing down your own duties, it’s also important to extend a hand when possible. If you know a co-worker could use your help tying up a few loose ends on a project, offer your services.

Seek out mentorship

Sometimes the best way to familiarize yourself with your new position, as well as a company, is to seek out a mentor. After observing daily operations for a while, reach out to someone you admire within the company.