Garrett Morgan Times

By Aniyah Hawthorne

Let me introduce you to......Garrett Morgan!!!!!

Have you ever heard of Garrett Morgan? No? Well you should because he invented two of the most important things in the world!!See if you can find out what those two things are!!d

Who,What,and Where!!!

  • Who,When,Where? Who was Garrett Morgan? Garrett Morgan was an african american who was born on March 4,1963.He was the son of Elizibeth Morgan an indian and african descendent,his father was a confederate and former slave named Colonel Jonh Hunt.When Garrett became older he married a barrvarian named Mary Anne Hasske.During thier marrige they had three children.
  • What?What is Garrett most know for? Garrett was most know for his traffic light and gas mask inventions

The great gas mask

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A test or a mission?

Garrett Morgan wanted to his gas mask invention.So he had found out that there was an emergency in Cleveland, Ohio.Then Garrett rushed over along with his invention.The emergency was that 35 workers had been trapped in a tunnel after it exploded.Garrett went in and saved all 35 workers by himself ,wearing the gas mask.Many owners of fire departments bought garrett's invention but others backed down once they found ,that garett was African American and son of a former slave.But the government did not hesitate, they had bought the invention and soon used it in World War 1!(The pic. bellow shows 5 soldiers wearing the mask)

Fun Facts

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