"OWL"Standing Classroom News

Mrs. Mullins's Second Grade

Classroom Curriculum

Week of March 16, 2015

Marvelous Math:

Weekly Learning Target: I can use a ruler to measure and compare how long or tall objects are in inches, feet, centimeters, and/or meters.

*Today we started our new math unit of study on measurement. I will actually be combining two chapters. Chapter 7 teaches students how to measure items using centimeters and meters, and Chapter 13 teaches students how to measure items using inches and feet. Students will compare the measurements of objects using addition and subtraction. This unit will provide an excellent opportunity for the students to practice their addition and subtraction skills.

*I have included the IXL math link below. This is a free math website and an excellent resource for practicing math concepts and skills at home.

Reading Rocks:

Weekly Learning Target: I can name a variety of traditional tales.

*Unfortunately, we did not take the traditional tales quiz today. We will review with a partner for the quiz tomorrow and take the quiz with a partner on Wednesday. If you still have the study guide, please continue to help your child practice through Tuesday evening.

Words are Wonderful:


Weekly Learning Target: I can write to entertain others.

*Writing and publishing narratives seems to take the most time. it is a very lengthy process. This week, students will continue to work to complete their narratives. Each child will share their narrative with the class. My goal is to complete our narratives this week!

Word Study:

Weekly Learning Target: I can spell words with the "NG" spelling pattern.

*Students will sort and spell words this week that belong to the NG family: "ANG", "ING", "ONG", and "UNG".

*Don't forget to visit www.spellingcity.com for a fun way to practice spelling words. See link below.

IB Unit of Study: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Water is a natural resource that is crucial to the survival of all living things.

Weekly Learning Target: I can explain the different ways humans find the water they consume each day.

*This week we will investigate the various sources that humans throughout the world use to obtain the water they need for daily consumption. We will learn that not all people have equal access to clean water. Finally, we will study the process that is used to clean water in a water treatment plant.

March is Reading Month

The month of March is Reading month, and State Road Elementary always goes all out to plan a lot of fun activities to get your child excited about reading.

*The theme for this year's reading month is Dive into Reading. Our whole school has been transformed into an ocean habitat.

* Besides the many fun activities that take place at school every day, we are asking all of the students to read, read, read at home.

*Last Friday, your child brought home a reading calendar to track how many minutes they spend reading each day.

*The goal for 2nd grade students is 80 minutes from Friday to Thursday.

* Students need to return the reading calendar each Friday in their homework folder, and I will send it home with them on Friday afternoon.

*Students will need to spend more than the nightly 10 minutes shown on the homework calendar in order to meet the goal.

*If a child meets the 80 minutes of reading, they will receive a coupon to enter into a weekly prize drawing. If a child exceeds the goal and reads for 160 minutes, they will receive two coupons, and so!

*The top reader in our class will have the opportunity to soak a teacher during the closing assembly at the end of the month.

*The top three readers in our class will receive a special reward from Mrs. Mullins... to be determined.

Mark Your Calendar with These Upcoming Events

March 20: Exercise Outfit Day at school

Return Your March is Reading Month Reading Calendar

Popcorn Day

March 24: 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing

March 26: State Road Night at Leo's Coney: Benefit for Carter

March 27: Beach Day at school (no bathing suits)

Return Your March is Reading Month Calendar

March 30: Parent Teacher Conferences from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Look for the sign-up schedule soon

March 31: K-2 field trip to IMAX movie at Trillium theater: Students will leave at 9:00 a.m. for the theater.

April 1: Parent Teacher Conferences from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

April 2: Half Day of School : Dismissal at 11:55 a.m.

Parent Teacher Conferences from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

April 3: No School: Spring Break begins

Typing Web

This is a free online typing program that teaches proper keyboarding skills. In the future, students will be taking state assessments on the computer where they will be asked to type to compose opinion, informational, and narrative pieces of writing. It is going to be crucial that even the youngest of students have a strong knowledge of a computer keyboard. I encourage you to utilize this program with your child at home. I have included the link to the program below. I have set-up an account for each child.

Username: your child's first initial, full last name, and oo... for example, cmullinsoo

Password: your child's first and last initial... for example, cm