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Weather Report

Weather Report for Thursday July 4, 3000B.C.

Warning there is going to be a big flood it will be really windy so make sure you are in a safe zone because you will get blone away. This is not a drill get to the safest place you can get to. I reapeat this is not a drill hurry and get to a safe place it will start all 8:36 you have 30 minutes hurry.

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Personal interview with a Mesopotamia Slave

Personal Interview

The person that I interviewed name is Jason. He is 32 his job is to plant crops and pull crops. Jason is a slave and has been his entire life. Jason has a small family he has Jackie who is his sister his mom and dad and his one brother Jack. He only has 2 skills they are he can work for a long time and he is really strong. The skills he needs he already has them. Jason likes to rest for his free time.

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new invention


I Kyren Daniels have created the wheel. it is used to make your life easier. it work be rolling along, making all things easier to move. you have to have animals pull it. One thing it does is it is easy to get crops and move them. Kyren will trade for food or livestock. Kyrens wood shop is located in the heart of Mesopotamias eastern goods shop. Please stop in and get some wheels before they are all gone.

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