Now Hiring Art Teachers

Olivia Hebert

What type of work you would do all day?

Art teachers teach drawing, painting, and creative crafts. They use many different materials. They may demonstrate methods of painting, drawing, sculpting, and making pottery to students. They prepare lessons, plan activities, and help students develop their art skills.

Kind of work environment would you work in?

Art teachers mostly work inside classrooms.

Do you work with people or alone?

Art teachers work with younger children and sometimes other teachers.

Working with your hands, head or both?

Use your head for ideas so that your hands can make art.

What are the earnings potential?

The typical salaries range from $33,890 to $76,580 per year.

What hours would you work?

Art teachers usually work 36 to 40 hours a week in the classroom. They spend an additional 10 to 15 hours preparing lessons.

Are you supervising others?

Yes because it is your job to watch the kids to make sure they aren't putting themselves in danger as well as the other students.

What qualities do you have to succeed in this career?

You have to be Social, artistic, and investigative.

Do you need some type of training or college?

Art teachers earn a bachelor's degree in art education and they gain classroom teaching experience. Also school districts hire qualified individuals who apply directly to them. They also contact college placement offices for qualified graduates.

How do you know you could do this type of work?

Students will want to develop a portfolio, examples of their best artistic or creative work and show the person who is hiring them.