Need Ideas?

Tackle the Monsters in Your Head First!

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Let's start with fear and doubt that might be looming...

Feeling overwhelmed with a 72- page catalog?

Feeling like everyone has a locket?

Worried about knock off lockets?

Think everyone knows someone else to buy from?


Overwhelmed? 2 pieces of advice: watch this AWESOME video that will take you through the entire catalog: you will feel SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!

2nd: focus on 3-5 products you want to push based on your clientele.

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Feel like everyone HAS a locket? Oh REALLY? Not a Twist - not a Swarovski, BUT IF YOU INSIST on this idea....then SELL THIS!

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OR a bracelet OR the whole new CORE line!!! OR our NEW earrings

She doens't have ANY of our 50 NEW Charms...

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Worried about cheap knock offs? And they are like tin...just play this video!

Can't Touch This

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She wanted O2 but her friend bought her "Blue la Rue?" Don't think twice! We have the Brand, the Story - Bella, of and QUALITY, hand-crafted product and so much more.

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The only thing CONSTANT is CHANGE, right?

Reasons to BUY change....

Reasons to HOST a JB change...

Reasons to JOIN change...

STORIES change: what is in her locket may change, can change...

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EVERYONE already knows someone? We are not saturated. Not even close.

But I'll play doens't matter. Do YOU have something her "friend" doesn't? I bet YES. Immediate on the spot Inventory? A promotion? Maybe YOU are a better merchandiser! Maybe she ISN'T LOYAL to that person: maybe that owl is merely an acquaintance.? At fundraising events, stress the SHOP for a CAUSE aspect.

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I signed up my neighbors! YES there are 3 of us on one street...there were 4 until Sarah moved to Texas!

WHY? Simple...we all know different people. We don't live on a commune! Do you?

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Where do you look for new opps?

How do you expand your circle?

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Did you take your car into the shop?

Did you take Fido to get groomed?

Did you get a Starbucks?

Did you go to Target? Triple A? Trade Joe's?

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Wear the product like you want it to get noticed....

By the way, just because YOU are not excited about a particular product, doesn't mean your customers wouldn't LOVE it...

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BE INTENTIONAL. Wear the locket you want to sell. Carry Catalogs (TOMs) Always be prepared!

It's ON! Team-Building Season. Grab the moment!


You have oodles of resources at your fingertips - more and more webinars & tools are coming your way -

Have you checked out the New Designer and Mentoring Tabs in the Back Office?

The SOAR TO SUCCESS and Moving Up Programs make it a no-brainer!

Tiffany Golden, Your Mama Owl

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