Earths History

Ten Most Important Events

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Creation of Earth

The earth has many excepted theories as to how it was created, as well as the universe. One theory is the the big bang and earth was created in this. All of the universe exploded into an ever moving creation of all the planets. It is forever expanding!

First findings

Some of the first things that were found to have happened on the earth were the ice ages when water was created, and long extinction periods.

160 million years ago

Dinosaurs were found in great number all over the Earth. Wherever you went with a controlled climate and decent living conditions. The dinosaurs ruled and over powered most other species on earth up until their extinction.

3.5 billion years ago

First bacterial and archean life on Earth appeared. Some scientists think this happened earlier but this is the most appropriate time.

550 million years ago: Rodinia splits!

Supercontinent Rodinia breaks up, Triggering a Snow ball Earth period. All of the continents broke and are constantly moving today. Scientists are still studying why Rodinia split up into the countries it makes up today.

2.4 billion years ago. Oxygen catastrophe.

Oxygen catastrophe takes place. Earth's anaerobic inhabitants mostly wiped out. They couldn't survive with such minimal amount of Oxygen in the atmosphere.

Single Cells

1.8 billion years ago the first eukaryote (a single cell organism with a complex inner structure) came to life and took off to create more and more of these single celled organisms which turned into multiple celled organisms.

Much Water

The First oceans emerge. (This date is disputed...some scientists think the oceans emerged around 3.8 billion years ago.)

Ultraviolet Radiation No More

Great Oxidation Event comes to allow the ozone layer to form, protecting life on Earth from ultraviolet radiation and harmful rays from the sun hurting our skin.

Life On Land

Organisms leave the ocean and begin to live on the land but some scientists think that this happened earlier than 2 billion years ago. As they began new life on land, new and more species began to appear and more would follow.
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