How to Survive the Nuclear War

The Guide to Fallout Shelters

Fending for yourself

After the Nuclear Apocalypse you need to be prepared for anything. Pack food, water, and weapons to fight off the angry mutated creatures that may try to hurt you in your efforts to survive.
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Getting on your feet

Once you have established your supplies you must try and find others to help you survive. Try checking nearby towns. If you are coming from a vault there will most likely be others there with you.


Never trust a Ghoul. If you meet one don't interact with them. Ghouls may seem nice, however every ghoul will eventually go feral, some sooner than others. Feral Ghouls will stop at nothing to kill anything that walks the planet. They are radiated killing machines that will stop at nothing to torture their victims.

Final Notes

I hope that this guide on how to survive the nuclear war helped you. Remember to stay safe at all costs!
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