Mac Barnett

April 27th 2015

Go Read Battle Bunny!

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On his birthday, a child named Alex takes a story about forest animals' efforts to plan a party and changes it into a tale about a supervillain combating his foes in the forest.

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Battle Bunny Book Trailer
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Coming To Our School on April 27th 2015!

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The Skunk!

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A man is stalked by a silent skunk in this charmingly neurotic offering. Leaving his home one day, a bespectacled, tuxedo-clad gentleman discovers a small skunk sitting on his doorstep. As the man makes his way about town, the creature remains close on his heels (“…after a mile I realized I was being followed.”) He speeds up, he slows down, he takes many wild turns, but to no avail. Still the skunk remains.

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