Stop Bullying

And Don't Be A Bystander

What Are The Different Types Of Bullies And What Bullies Can Do

Bullying can be verbal, physical, cyber and social. Verbal bulling is when a bully is mean verbally and it can hurt the victim's feelings. Physical bullying is when a bully punches and kicks and that can hurt the victim. Cyber bullies text to hurt the victim's feelings. E.g. you are ugly. Social bullies tell the victim's friends untrue bad stuff about the victim so that the victim's friends won't be the victim's friends.

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Always Be In This Zone Or Help Someone That is Not!

Don't let them do this!

Verbal bullies do this!

About Bystanders Also Don't Be One

A bystander is someone that is not a bully but watches everything that a bully does to a victim but just does nothing about it.

What bystanders do

Bully Bystanders: You Can Make a Difference

You Can Make A Difference

by never standing by and watching or encouraging bullying behavior.

Things that you can do to stop bullying

  • Stand up for people who are bullied. Bullies often want an audience and approval. Let bullies know that you do not think being mean is cool.
  • Talk to your teachers or principal. Let adults at school and at home know what happened.
  • Don’t join in or watch bullying. Bullies love an audience. Walk away, and see if you can get others to leave, too. Of course, don’t just abandon someone who is in real danger. Go get help.
  • Stop any rumors. If someone tells you something bad and untrue about someone then don’t pass it on to others. You wouldn’t want someone spreading rumors about you!
  • Stand up for the person. If it feels safe, defend the person being bullied. Bullies often care a lot about being popular and powerful.